Coily Hair Care

A Nourished Crown is a Noble Crown

Do you want healthy, LONG coils? Here are a few suggestions that will help.


Hydrated Hair- All Week Long!

"after this process I simply let me air dry and enjoyed the results ALL WEEK LONG."

Never Skip This Step In Your DIY Protein Treatment!

If your hair breaks easily, a protein treatment will help you gain some strength, elasticity, length, and/or thickness.

Why and How We Re-Twist Our Hair

"a convenient and reliable routine you too can perform to ensure healthy and glorious coils.."

Essential Oils and Our Natural Hair

"What are essential oils? What are carrier oils? Why would we use them in our hair? Or How do we use them in our hair?"

Scab Hair and How to Treat It

"Do I have scab hair? What does that mean for my hair? How do I fix it?"

How to Detangle without Breakage

"The #1 enemy of thick and/or long coils is BREAKAGE! Therefore, being able to prevent as much of it as possible is a naturals necessity."

7 Ways to Protect your Hair Against Dryness

"Our hair is naturally dry, but if we want healthy, growing tresses, we cannot leave it that way. Besides, let's face it, dry hair is not cute hair!"

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